Our Services

Website Design & Development

Websites are your first impressions to customers, investors, and potential business partners in today’s digital world. Our Brand Development assures that the mark left on people is a great one.  Gorgeous, user-friendly, profession sites are what we can provide for you. Viewers will notice you have what it takes to succeed in the business world. Also, our brand development can showcase the pride you take in your brand.  In addition, mobile and tablet compatible sites made by us, integrate everything to navigate the market with growth. Compatible sites include e-commerce, blogs, promotions, discounts, and more. More than that, we’ll even keep the site running smoothly to properly showcase your brand.

Brand Development

Business owners today must constantly develop their brand to create interest, loyalty, and support from customers. At Vivel Marketing, our team is able to create everything from digital, outdoor signage to grassroots flyers and stationary. Progression of communication with customers and long lasting relationships are ensured by our services. Potential customers can be turned into true brand advocates with our high-quality marketing and advertising content.

Vivel Ordering ™

Restaurants are changing day by day and now are reaching customers through the internet.   Customers need more access to what you have to offer.  Order food right from the menu with our easy-to-use online ordering system. We will even connect a printer at your business to print and receive orders. Hence, our service will make ordering efficient and available to the customer. Therefore, simply select which plan and in no time your business will be running.

Digital Signage

Looking to get your brand name in “lights”?  Innovative digital signs using LCD, LED and projection technologies is provided by us.  Business information, present engaging marketing and advertising videos, or even stream media will be properly displayed. Your business can build brand recognition and retention with potential and current customers with the help of us.  In places such as transportation systems, stadiums, stores, hotels, restaurants, museums, or other public spaces, your brand will be noticed.  You could boost up your branding efforts through wayfinding, exhibitions, or outdoor advertising.  We’ve got the experience and the tools to make it happen.

Professional Photography

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. When trying to interest customers or potential investors in your brand, this is especially true.  Advanced equipment and real-world experience are our main tools to turn an average photograph into something unique.  Because of our new creation customers will be engaged to ask questions, and respond to your sales tactics. Stories go much further than words, so allow our photographers show you how much further.

Print Design

Digital is the dominate form today’s communication, but print still plays a major factor in the marketing world. Print assists in keeping a customer base or reaching new clients. Premium print designs are provided by us to cover your advertising, sales or marketing goals. Designs will involve a wide range key formats from books and business cards to t-shirts and uniforms.

Social Media Management

Social media is used by more people today than ever before. Businesses and customers as well as families and individuals can use it to connect. Online success is all built through strong social media. At Vivel Marketing, we provide social media management that ties hand-in-hand with your brand.  Also, we will set up a Google business page, Facebook business page, and even Instagram. Online communication and sales will be approached through the pages we provide.

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