Vivel Ordering™

Is your restaurant ready for vivel ordering?

Due to modernization and changing consumer needs, restaurant businesses are moving beyond brick-and-mortar establishments and reaching customers over the internet. Become part of this change and add an online ordering option to your business. Online ordering creates a competitive advantage that enhances the value of your business and attracts customers.

At Vivel Marketing, our team can create a user-friendly online ordering system that will enable customers to access and order food right from your menu. This will save your customers time and increase their satisfaction level, ultimately increasing customer retention. Vivel Marketing further simplifies it for you by connecting a printer at your business to receive and print off orders so that the orders are in your hands within seconds. This feature makes the ordering process more efficient for your business and creates a seamless experience for the customer. Select which plan better fits your business and your ordering system will be running in no time- Your order is just a click away.

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