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Brand Development & Consultation

With competition being at an all-time high, it has never been more important for a brand to stand out in the marketplace. At Vivel Marketing, we believe brand development is essential in building the foundation of a successful business. Digital signage, logo development, and design creation are only a few examples of the services our company offers. Let our marketing team at Vivel Marketing give you valuable suggestions based on a strategic brand consultation and analysis so to guide your brand, and your business, in the right direction.

Vivel OrderingTM

Like everything else around us, restaurants are modernizing themselves and reaching customers over the internet. At Vivel Marketing, our team can put in place a user-friendly online ordering system that will enable your customers to access and order food right from your menu. Our agency makes the ordering process even more efficient by connecting a printer at your business to receive and print off orders so that the orders are in your hands within seconds. Let your restaurant be a part of this modernization movement and add an online ordering option to your business.

Website Design & Development

Your website is the first impression customers have of your business and it is important that this first impression be a positive one. At Vivel Marketing, we are here to make sure your website reflects the best image of your business. Our agency provides custom and professional designs as well as user-friendly websites. In addition, we offer to integrate e-commerce, blogs, promotions, discounts, and more on your website. Our marketing team also ensures your website is running smoothly and is always up-to-date through our website and management services.

Social Media Management

Having a social media presence has become indispensable for businesses that want to develop a successful brand. At Vivel Marketing we understand the importance of social media and see it as an easy, fast, and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers. Our marketing services offer a few packages that will increase your social media presence and therefore increase your brand awareness, recognition and ultimately increase your sales. Let us take care of your social media so you can take even better care of your business.

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