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Brand Development & Consultation

Brand development is a key aspect of our marketing services. Not only does brand say what you do, but it also says who you are. Brands also build businesses with the statements they make. Business owners today must develop their brand to create interest, loyalty, and support. Digital signage, logos, and menus are all a few things that we can do at Vivel Marketing. We will make sure we give you the right advise and give you a strong plan for your brand to have a long term lifespan.

A strong brand identity can give you through our services. Our designs will build a stronger foundation for your company to grow. We assure communication progression with customers and long lasting relationships by our service. Future customers have potential to form into true brand advocates. Our high-quality marketing and advertising content can make that happen.

Vivel OrderingTM

Restaurants are changing day by day and becoming more modern. Today, many businesses, as well as restaurants, are using the internet to reach out to customers. Internet is the new, current way to have your brand noticed. Also, the use of the internet is growing more each day. So to become noticed, businesses, especially restaurants, should promote themselves online. It would be a convenient asset as well as create more business if restaurants had online ordering.

Vivel Marketing offers this type of marketing services to you. Create an online ordering system for your menu which creates instant access to your food options. We will even connect a printer at your business to print and receive orders. Hence, our service will make ordering efficient and available to the customer. So, select which plan and in no time your business will be running. Your order is just a click away.

Website Design & Development

Websites create a first impression of your business. They will show viewers what your business is about. Customers, investors and potential business partners are drawn in by the presentation through sites. Websites creates life for brands and allow everyone to enjoy it. Brand Development through websites are important to spread the word about what you’re offering. Websites even make people aware of who you are and the work you do. With Vivel Marketing’s marketing services, we provide user-friendly, stunning, and professional sites. Success will be brought to you by our designs.

Our brand development also advertises the pride you have in your brand. In addition, our mobile and tablet compatible sites integrate everything to navigate the market with growth. Compatible sites include e-commerce, blogs, promotions, discounts, and more. More than that, we’ll even keep the site running smoothly to properly display your brand.

Professional Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words especially when trying to interest customers or potential investors in your brand. Photographs can capture a moment perfectly with the right expertise. Photographs allow clients and customers to visualize your brand and can also attract people by the statement they make.Our photography professionals will be able to advertise your business in a new perspective.

Beautiful photography can truly attract customers and clients. Advanced equipment and real-world experience are our main tools to turn an average photograph into something even better. Because of our creations and marketing services, customers want to ask questions and respond to your sales tactics. Stories go much further than words, so allow our photographers show you how much further.

Social Media Management

Social media is used by more people today than ever before. Businesses and customers as well as families and individuals use it to connect. Social media is a fast, new way in bringing attention to your brand. It is an easy way to display your business. Due to strong social media online success rises. Social media will allow you to communicate to all of your customers and clients. At Vivel Marketing, we provide marketing services such as social media management which ties hand-in-hand with your brand.

We will help promote your brand with our quality designs and marketing tools. Also, we will set up a Google business page, Facebook business page, and even Instagram. Online communication and sales are inevitable. through the pages we provide. We will do whatever it takes to help promote your business and make your brand seen by the public.

Print Design

Today some may see print as an “old fashion” way of design. Yet, print still plays a major factor in the marketing world. Even though digital is more dominate, print is innovative and authentic. Print helps maintain a customer base as well as reach new customers. As digital grows, people continue to trust print. Original, unique prints will attract customers and clients as well as leave a memorable impression.

At Vivel Marketing, we will assure you that that impression is a great one. Our high quality designs and marketing services will not disappoint you. Premium print designs provided by us cover your advertising, sales or marketing goals. Our designs involve a wide range of formats from books and business cards to t-shirts and uniforms. Vivel Marketing will exceed your expectations by not only supplying you with a print but a successful brand.

Digital Signage

Looking to have your brand name in “lights”? At Vivel Marketing, our marketing services provide innovative digital signs using LCD, LED and projection technologies. Our signs will help you make a bold statement and can bring your business to life. Having your brand in lights will attract new customers and create a more modern look to your business. We will display engaging marketing and advertising videos, business information, or even stream media. Retention and brand recognition with customers can grow with our help.

Your brand will be in places such as transportation systems, stadiums, stores, hotels, restaurants, museums, and other public spaces. Our signs will leave a lasting impression on those who view them. Branding efforts increases through wayfinding, exhibitions, or outdoor advertising. We have the experience and the tools to make your sign as bright and bold as your business.

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