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Vivel Marketing is an agency with a full-service team with top marketing management. Working with Vivel Marketing will bring you excellent services and a team that will ensure the continuous growth of your brand. Through our designs and promotions created specifically for your business, we have the ability to generate high brand recognition. Our marketing management will help grow your business and make it successful. At Vivel Marketing, brand development, photography, website design, print design, as well as technology services are our main focus. With our 7+ years of experience, we hold the tools and have the expertise needed to guide your business to success. Our marketing team is efficient and very detail oriented which allows us to provide you with quick results while maintaining great quality.

At Vivel Marketing we work with many different groups of clients. Our work ranges from Tri-state corporations and education groups to medical practices and, most importantly, restaurants. We can assure you that our marketing management will help your business go beyond its imagination. So, we invite you to browse our website, learn more about our work, and discover your next partnership. Our team at Vivel Marketing will work with you to build your dream business.

Carolina Velez

Creative Director

Pol James Barrieto

Graphic Designer

Nakul Chandra


Michael Ugwuzor

Graphic Designer

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